Feeling Burned Out? Free Guide: 3 Easy steps to begin having a well balanced life.

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Greetings and welcome sister! It’s no coincidence we’re meeting like this.

My wild guess is that you are an ambitious woman who has achieved a lot of success in your life. You are resilient and resourceful and pride yourself in having your s#!* together.

However, a recent personal or professional event has left you in unchartered territory which you are finding difficult to navigate on your own. You’ve tried various strategies, resources and tools, but it feels like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall.

You are feeling anxiety, depressed, frustrated and alone and are seeking some emotional relief and support. Being a high achiever you set high standards for yourself, but this obstacle leaves you questioning your capacity to handle it, your self-worth or even the direction you are going in in your life.

The superwoman complex is leaving you feeling exhausted, unfulfilled and burned out on busy hardly able to catch your breath.

You are ready for a change!

So you have come to the right place if…

  • You realize that the old way of pushing yourself into overdrive is not sustainable and is no longer serving you, but out of habit has oddly become your familiar comfort zone (which is not so comfy).
  • Your belief of working hard => success or your productivity and accolades => self-worth is not really creating the freedom, joy and peace you had hoped for.
  • You value your health and wellbeing and are actively searching for a healthy way to achieve results, without burning yourself out in the process.
  • You are ready to get unstuck limiting beliefs and liberate yourself from past events and present challenges which are holding you back from unlocking your true potential.
  • You are tired of feeling anxious or depressed and wanting to feel empowered, hopeful, peaceful and content in your heart, mind, body and soul.

I am here to show you there is another way. 

My name is Andrea Cairella and as a mother, business owner, wife and psychotherapist I am a life-long learner who is inspired to make a positive impact in the lives of others and be financially free without sacrificing my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in the process.

And I can teach you how to successfully achieve your personal, professional and financial goals, balance your life priorities and get unstuck from limitations getting in your way so you can ultimately live a kick-ass life.

Like you I felt the need to do more in order to have more, but the truth is you don’t really want to HAVE it ALL. 

Let me ask you this…

When was the last time you felt truly free?

When was the last time you did something which made you feel energized and alive?

Are you dedicating the time and energy on the activities which life you up and with high-vibe peeps who lift you up?

Are you ready to pursue your purpose and prosperity without sacrificing your freedom, peace and joy? 

I know your heart and soul are yearning for an answer to break free from the busyness and feel deeply connected to yourself and others in a meaningful and fulfilling way. 

But you have just been settling on busy?

And you don’t have to anymore…

Sister, you can still have the income, impact and influence you desire, without having to sacrifice your health, family, friendships, inner peace and joy along the way. 

Started pre-school with my heart and mind filled with play, creativity & loving kindness. I had an amazing pre-school teacher who saw my worth and value which allowed me to shine and foster my heart, mind, body and soul.

After being teased, excluded and judged from the 1st-3rd grade, we moved and my parents enrolled me into another school where I became apart of a supportive community of teachers and peers who celebrated my wellbeing and spirit. Now being the most popular kid in school, instead of the kid who felt different and rejected, I used my leadership power for inclusiveness, collaboration, loving kindness and empowerment.

My parents divorced when I was 10 years old, which ended the conflict and tension in the home on one hand and was a transformative change for my parents as individuals and my relationship with each of them. Personally I decided I wanted to learn how to master the art of healthy and loving partnership and create that for my own life. My investment in personal growth paved the way for an amazing and fulfilling partnership.

Learned the value of sisterhood support by going to an all girls Catholic school which supported our personal and academic development as leaders and purpose-driven heart-centered women.

My mom often reminds me, “You’re so courageous Andrea. You go for it and aren’t discouraged or held back by limits.  Despite financial barriers and a learning disability, I applied to Santa Clara University and to my pleasant surprise received various scholarships, grants and financial aid. I also visioned studying abroad in Spain for 1 year and worked two summer jobs to save up enough money to make my dreams and desires to come true. Becoming fluent in Spanish, traveling and learning about different cultures and forming deep and meaningful relationships with an international community made my heart and soul thrive. And graduated with a 3.43 GPA.

Graduating during the dot.com bubble burst in 2001 made seeking employment extremely challenging and disheartening. Instead of staying stuck feeling powerless I built up my resume by taking 2 unpaid internships…one in Public Relations and Events Coordination at the LA World Affairs Council and one as a Small to Medium size business Consultant for the US Department of  Commerce.

Never let other peoples limitations or your own hold you back. One professor discouraged me from pursuing a career as a Foreign Service Officer. Although I faced adversity and was not accepted the first year I attempted, I persistently reapplied and worked both in Washington D. C. at the US State Department and the following year at the embassy in Paraguay. Never underestimate the power of passion and persistence.

Becoming a Dean of Activities, Administrator and ASB moderator at 22 years old, I felt in over my head working in a high-level leadership role shoulder to shoulder with 50-60 year olds with much more wisdom and experience. I developed leadership skills, shared my gifts to the best of my ability, but also faced adversity and challenges because I felt like I had to “be” a certain way and “achieve results” in order to be successful. Rather than just authentically being who I was and using my natural ability to deeply connect with others and nurturing people’s growth, my focus on “proving myself” “overworking” and “perfecting” sabotaged my efforts instead of helping me achieve my desired results.

Attending graduate school at ASU to work towards my Masters in Counseling degree and taking a Management Intern position at the Community Service Programs office supported my personal and professional development as I then transferred that growth and learning to help support college students in leadership roles on and off campus as well as therapeutically in the Counseling and Consultation office. Here is where my passion for trauma work began.

Working at the Trauma Healing Services for 3 years providing individual and group therapy I branched out independently and became an entrepreneur starting a very successful 6 figure private practice True Potential Counseling and continuing to developing my training in addiction, relationships and anxiety.

Falling in love with an amazing Italian man and doing long distance for 2 years I took a leap of faith (and love) and moved to Italy rebuilding my community, my business and deepening a partnership rooted in friendship, respect, love and possibilities. We then moved back to the US, got married and started a family.

The transition back to the US was challenging because the financial responsibilities fell on my shoulders as my husband was pursuing his PhD. I relied on workaholism to feel safe and secure financially and to alleviate the anxiety, loneliness and depression I was experiencing. Seeking relief, an empowering group of female support, freedom and pleasure and entrepreneurial inspiration I attended a transformational women’s retreat.

During additional challenging transitions in my business or into motherhood, I continued to seeks out mentorship and women’s personal and professional sisterhood communities to support my heart, mind body and spirit.

And now I provide those transformative retreats and leadership trainings to my clients and change makers who need community support and empowerment tools to transform and lead their lives in work, love and life more powerfully.

And just recently published my book No Longer Burned Out on Busy and speak at small, medium and large companies to help with change management, transitions, mindfulness, communication, influence, conscious value driven leadership, interpersonal relationship development and more.

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“From a patients point of view Andrea is a highly professional and capable counselor with a personable and sensitive approach. I found Andrea was particularly experienced in relationship, trauma and emotional issues. I have trusted her as a professional and the positive results in my life are a clear example to me that she does a wonderful job of what she does.”
Gabrielle D. Milan, Italy

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“Andrea Cairella is a very dedicated professional who uses her sensitivity, intuition and intelligence to understand her clients and their problems. She is able to communicate in a very clear and comprehensive way. I think Andrea Cairella is a fantastic therapist who lives up to her fullest potential in her own life and always strives to be linked to the most advanced therapeutic approaches. I value her therapeutic work and her as a person.”

—Rodrigo M.


“Andrea Cairella is a competent and talented professional. Her intelligence, intuition, and honesty allow her to connect with her peers and clients on a very personal level. She is consistently successful in guiding clients through therapy to live more productive and happy lives.”

—Stephanie W. Chandler, AZ

Official Bio

Andrea Cairella, LPCC is a psychotherapist, consultant, speaker and #1 best selling author of No Longer Burned Out On Busy: How Feminine Leaders Can Be Authentic, Courageous and Balance Ambition and Flow. For over 16 years she has been mentoring, coaching, writing, speaking and leading live retreats, mentorship masterminds and digital programs supporting women in authentic leadership, mindset and emotional mastery, courageous communication and productivity flow. She is the founder and CEO of Andrea Cairella International and has served as an advisor to innovative entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Fortune 500 leaders, corporate professionals, healthcare professionals and mothers returning to work or balancing career and family. She has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, EmpowHer, Finerminds and PsychCentral. Andrea, her husband Mauro and daughter live in Long Beach, CA. She can be found at AndreaCairella.com