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So what exactly is
Create a Relationship You Love™?

It is a 7 week for couples and individuals like you who want to improve communication, regulate emotions, resolve conflict, increase understanding, increase self-confidence in your interpersonal skills, deepen your emotional and physical bond, and develop more empathy, trust and openness with your partner.


Not sure you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level?


Timeless tools and strategies provided. You want to improve communication and be more open with your partner, but you don’t have a fools-proof roadmap that ensures that you will get there.  Now you do!  You will be provided with formulas, a step-by-step plan and effective techniques you can easily implement in your relationship to achieve relationship mastery.

Laser Focused Coaching & Community Support

You’ve gotten some of your needs met in the short-term, but you and your partner always seem to fall back into an old negative pattern that leaves you feeling stuck.  You get laser focused coaching that support you in establishing healthy patterns of communication and a toolkit of strategies that will help you and your partner thrive.

Proven Success Rate

You’ve tried to read self-help books and have even asked friends and family for guidance, but they don’t provide you with real practical and applicable long-term solutions.  You’ve considered seeking professional help, but were unsure if the results would really make a difference at all.  By committing to a program of this caliber and quality and following the coaching provided you will be part of the 94% of couples who have and continue to succeed in their relationship skills.

How the Step-by-Step Program Works?

In this 7 Module online training where you learn how to effectively communicate with your mate, resolve conflict, regulate emotions, increase self-confidence and self-love and improve the mental, emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship.

You will get access to our membership area (you will receive a ID and password) where you will access fun-sized lessons, intuitive and easy to understand worksheets, dynamic videos of a real couple personally going through each exercise with me & advanced bonus audio trainings.  Simple. Easy. Actionable. Zero confusion.  There will be a 60 min group coaching session for each module on Tuesdays at 11am PST.  These sessions will be recorded so if you and/or your partner can’t be on the call you will still be able to access the training and Q & A session.

You’ll also get support from other couples just like you in the Facebook group — who are committed to creating a relationship and life you love!

MODULE 1:  Awareness

Gaining Awareness of your Relationship Roadmap

Explore Module 1

You’ll learn …

  • How accessible, responsive & engaged you and your partner are in the relationship and set realistic goals to improve.
  • What are the current strengths in the relationship current strengths and remembering the initial sparks that drew both of you together.
  • How you are currently showing up in the relationship and select personal areas of growth that will enhance not only your personal life but also your partnership.
  • What type of relationship and life you want to create so that you can clearly envision and define the fulfilling and healthy relationship you want.
  • And learning to acceptance one another by discovering your personality style.

Module 2: Love

Building a strong foundation of love

Explore Module 2

You’ll learn …

  • How to create a secure relationship and healthy dynamic with your partner, while also exploring your family and relationship foundation.
  • What your most cherished values & beliefs are and live according to those principles that are most important to you both personally and in your relationship.
  • How to be mindful, regulate your emotions, tolerate distress, regulate your thoughts and develop interpersonal effectiveness skills so you can add to your relationship toolkit.
  • You and your partner’s love language so that you can increase the frequency of love in your relationship.

Module 3: Harmony

Breaking Free of the Negative Cycle

Explore Module 3

You’ll learn …

  • What behaviors get in the way from creating the relationship you want
  • Which negative beliefs about yourself and sensitivities get in your way.
  • How to neutralize conflicts by seeing the situation from your partner’s eyes and also for your partner to understand the situation from your point of view.
  • How to communicate non-defensively so you and your partner can express what you are really feeling underneath the surface.
  • And how to share openly and honestly with your partner by knowing what you really need.

Module 4: Communication

Improving Communication, Understanding and Empathy

Explore Module 4

You’ll learn …

  • How to de-escalate the tension by recognizing the negative cycle & begin communicating effectively.
  • How to shift the communication pattern from doom and gloom frustration to mutual understanding and clarity.
  • How to have empathy for yourself, receive validation from your partner and learn how to validate your partner’s experience without feeling blamed or shamed.
  • How to use non-conflictual communication & reduce defensiveness of your partner so that you can really see and be seen by your partner.
  • And how to understand and be understood using a step-by-step format.

Module 5: Connection

Resolving Unfinished Business and Connecting and Bonding Again

Explore Module 5

You’ll learn …

  • What wounds and sensitivities from the past are unresolved so you as a couple can become stronger and move forward together.
  • How to connect and bond by mastering simple gestures of love
  • How to address major topics: Leisure Time, Sex, Money, Parenting, In Laws, Location, Career Balancing involvement and decision making so that you each feel supported and united.
  • What aspects of your life and your relationship need a tune up so that you can enhance your well-being and feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your life.

Module 6: Healing Hurts

Forgiving and Healing Past Hurts

Explore Module 6

You’ll learn …

  • How to forgive and move forward together.
  • How to be humble and validate your partner as well as being validated by your partner.
  • How to forgive and heal past hurts fully, deeply and authentically so a new chapter can begin.

Module 7: Sex & Intimacy

Deepening the Physical Intimacy in Your Relationship

Explore Module 7

You’ll learn …

  • How to connecting through affection and physical intimacy by increasing the passion and emotional safety and security with your partner.
  • How to rekindling the love by creating a daily ritual of love.

Why Create a Relationship You Love™

will change your life


In my 10 years of training as a psychotherapist , I’ve seen it all:

  • Frustrated couples who were stuck in a negative communication pattern, but wanted to find a way out.
  • Humble couples who were looking for guidance, but didn’t know how to make their relationship better.
  • Disconnected couples where felt distant from one another, but were longing for closeness again.

All the tension and loneliness is emotionally exhausting.

And ultimately…

I want to see couples create amazing relationships filled with love, harmony & understanding…and save themselves time, emotional stress, energy and heartache so they can have the relationship and life they deserve.

I’ve broken down the process that I have used with hundreds of clients into one, simple and easy program that anyone at any phase in their relationship can follow.

CREATE A RELATIONSHIP YOU LOVE™ is making a lot of couples extremely happy, harmonious and close again.

Here is what they have to say!


Main Relationship Challenges: Areas of weakness in the relationship, such as communication, being occupied by the responsibilities of parenthood that made it difficult to dedicate time to the relationship and disconnection from the couple hood as a result.
Results: “The relationship building exercises that we went through using Andrea’s Create A Relationship You Love program were not only beneficial, but a pleasant walk down memory lane! We uncovered our area of weakness which was communication, and worked through the exercises to see how we can work through the issue and unlock areas where we can grow as a couple.” 
Quote: “Andrea’s sincere encouragement helped us to dedicate the time to the program and achieve the relationship results we desired. Andrea is someone who practices what she preaches and was definitely the person we wanted to help guide us to grow in our relationship so it could reach it’s True Potential!”


—Nellie and Aiden

Main Relationship Challenges: “My husband and I decided to invest our time in this program because we were both at the point in our relationship where things have changed dramatically. We just had a beautiful baby boy. Since he was born, the dynamics of our relationship changed slightly as far as communication and finding the time and effort to be intimate in bed.”
Results: “The exercises were my favorite part of the program as it opened our eyes (and heart) on a lot of issues in the relationship. It was getting difficult to for us to communicate to each other, but after the first module we were learning to open up more. We love the last module on sex and intimacy- it was fun! ;-) We love creating the “ritual of love” which helped us be more conscious and consistent in showing each other how we feel.”
Quote: “Andrea has a way of asking the right questions that allowed us to explore issues on a deeper level without creating tension. The “homework” worksheet that we did after the modules were simply brilliant! Overall, I am happy and very grateful to have the opportunity to take this program. Our relationship has improved and flourish like how it was pre-baby!”


—Kim and David

Main Relationship Challenges: “Going through the “Create a Relationship You Love” program really helped my husband and I get clear about some of our deep-rooted communication issues and and have those conversations about where the issues came from, opening up a whole new level of understanding with one another.”
Results: “It was actually fun to do the exercises and go through them together, even when they involved difficult feelings, because in the end it has brought us closer. I particularly loved the focus on each of us working to be the person we want to be in the relationship, which reminded us that we are each responsible for our own happiness and what we bring to the relationship, and has taken away the “blame” factor and lighted up our interactions.”
Quote: “Overall this program has really brought our relationship to a new level, deepened our understanding of each other, and brought back the enjoyment in each other, something that had been truly challenged over the last year. Thank you, Andrea for this wonderful experience!”


—Heather and Dan

Your Investment

FINALLY be understood, accepted, supported and connected by your partner.  INCREASE your self-awareness, patterns of behavior and peace of mind and DECREASE stresssors in your life and your relationship.  Being on the same page with your partner – how to resolve problems, clarify misunderstandings and experience comfort and closeness with the one you love (even after the first module).

Feeling CONFIDENT and HOPEFUL that you and your partner can change the negative cycle and begin to feel CONNECTED both emotionally and physically.

Having more ENERGY, TIME, PEACE OF MIND and SATISFACTION in your life and in your relationship.



Value of the Create a Relationship You Love™ Program- $ 7,000



Your Actual Investment: $995

This is what you’ll pay for a lifetime of love, harmony and connection with your partner
A savings of over $6,005.00



7 Foundations of a Healthy Relationship: Providing you with a combination of the most highly effective relationship interventions and principles from around the world along with my 10 years of experience into easy to use PDF’s and follow along videos, audio trainings, expert bonuses trainings, so you can effectively communication with your partner, resolve conflict, regulate emotions, become physically and emotionally intimate again, heal past relationship hurts once and for all and incorporate more pleasure, play and quality time in your day-to-day interactions with your partner!

Value: $3500


Weekly office hours (only for 1-on-1 group coaching):  Receive additional training for each module and answer your questions regarding the exercises, provide you with feedback and keep you motivated throughout the program so that you can turn to your partner and openly clarify misunderstandings, resolve problems, face challenges together, relieve stress and consistently come to a mutual understanding.

Value: $2500



Instant Global Community (only for private 1-on-1 coaching): Access to a global community of couples who are supporting each other throughout the program.

Value: $1000



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