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Andrea Cairella, LPCC is a psychotherapist, consultant, speaker and #1 Best Selling Author of No Longer Burned Out On Busy: A Woman’s Guide to Harmonizing Ambition and Flow in Work, Love and Life. For over 14 years she has been mentoring, coaching, writing, speaking and leading live retreats, mentorship masterminds and digital programs supporting women in authentic leadership, mindset and emotional mastery, courageous communication and sustainable productivity flow.
She is the founder and CEO of Andrea Cairella International and has served as an advisor to innovative entrepreneurs, CEO's, Fortune 500 leaders, corporate professionals, healthcare professionals and mothers returning to work who want to experience fulfillment in work, love and life. She is the creator of the CARE Approach™ and The Feminine Freedom Method™, two methodologies which support women mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in becoming authentic, self-assured and courageous leaders in all dimensions of life.
Andrea has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, EmpowHer, Finerminds, PsychCentral and more. When she’s not dancing or working to empower women around the world, Andrea enjoys family time with her husband and daughter in Long Beach, CA. She can be found at www.AndreaCairella.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/AndieCairella
About the Book
Psychotherapist and Transformational Leadership Coach combines stories, self-reflection, effective mind-body techniques to deepen self-trust, take decisive inspired action and free yourself from the internal and external barriers holding you back.  Andrea Cairella's new book No Longer Burned Out On Busy helps you access a state of flow, master your mindset and develop emotional resiliency by harness all the body’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. As a result the reader steps into a self-assured, courageous and authentic version of themselves!
The initial 2 chapters help you break free from the old paradigm of pushing and proving and provide simple techniques to establish a new healthy and expansive pattern of operating in work, love and life. The next 2 chapters lay the foundation for discovering a sustainable productivity flow, honoring your natural rhythm, moving past resistance and accessing your feminine mojo.  The next 2 chapters deepen self-trust, decision making skills and ignite you to take inspired action. The last 2 chapters focus on celebrating your uniqueness and belonging to a supportive high-vibe tribe. Andrea Cairella provides stories from her own life and those of her clients, reflection questions, and daily 5-10 minute practices to support you in becoming self-assured, fabulous and free.
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Unleash Your True Potential Mastermind + Retreat   (9 months)
(HEADER is the resized version for the header form of the 1st image would be similar to my logo with the dots around it, with the same font type in the middle as: Unleash Your True Potential Mastermind + Retreat)  NOT TO COPY JUST FOR INSPIRATION https://devotionalleadership.com/
"QUOTE HEADER" Inside every woman there is a vibrant and sacred potential ready to blossom.
It's time to fulfill your destiny and unleash your full potential with the support of a sisterhood community.
Unleash Your True Potential Mastermind + Leadership Retreats
A 9 month Mastermind for 20 Women
Retreat/Testimonial Video Insert
This intimate and transformative 9 month mastermind serves a diverse group of purpose-driven heart-centered women like you who feel called to make a positive difference in the world and are committed to their own personal and professional growth development. Imagine a circle of women: creatives, healers, visionaries and leaders rising together. The common thread among these women is our deep desire to grow, expand our freedom, cultivate meaningful connections with other high-vibe women and love, live and lead with more depth, courage, authenticity and devotion. If you are seeking to improve your mood, experience less stress, sleep peacefully at night and experience more harmony in your life, you have come to the right place!   
"QUOTE" My wild guess is that you are an ambitious woman who has achieved a lot of success in your life. 
You are resilient, resourceful and pride yourself in having your s#!* together.
However, a new and challenging life event has left you in unchartered territory. You are finding it difficult to navigate on your own.                               You’ve tried various strategies, resources and tools, but are feeling stuck. 
There is something missing and you are seeking some emotional relief and support. 
Testimonial 1  (if you could set up the testimonials in this way so I can insert the testimonial and image later: https://beautyunleashedprogram.com/)
Testimonial 2
Being a high achiever you set high standards for yourself and have difficulty exposing your vulnerability, but this superwoman complex is leaving you feeling exhausted, unfulfilled and alone. You desire for more peace, freedom, pleasure, prosperity and flow in your productivity is growing stronger everyday and desperately trying to get your attention. This challenging season is making you question the direction you are going in right now and/or forcing you to embrace a better strategy. 
This is a potent time in your life...
a time of great challenge and infinite opportunity.
Your intuition is nudging you, "It's time...there must be another way."
And there is another way! In joining this safe, supportive and diverse community of women, you will find a sacred space where you can go deep, heal, cultivate a deep sense of love and belonging, become more resilient and able to navigate life transitions with greater ease. By engaging in a transformative group container, as opposed to a one-on-one process, you are able to heal and break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors which become activated in a group setting, quicken your personal and professional development and are able to be truly seen, heard, known and accepted by a group of women who witness, celebrate and support you. Imagine belonging to a sisterhood community where everyone respects one another's differences while also honoring our oneness. It's magical, rich and transformative!
Your heart and soul are being called to rise and shine
...and you don't have to figure it out on your own.
Finally there is a transformational experience which nurtures your heart, fans the flames of your desires, and leads you confidently down your own unique path.
Testimonial 4
Are you ready to own your beauty and radiance, take aligned inspired action and realize the great vision for your life? 
Welcome sister, I am here to support you! 
As a result of completing this 9 month mastermind you will have...
(1) Stress Management and Navigating Change: liberated yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns once and for all
(2) Mindfulness + Emotional Intelligence: developed mindset mastery and emotional resiliency
(3) Health and Wellness: elevated your mind, heart, body & soul through transformative habits and practices
(4) Passion and Motivation: experience more joy, inner peace, & a healthy, work-life balance. 
(5) Women in Leadership: develop the leadership qualities of an effective leader and to know how to activate your intuition and the 8+ authentic feminine superpowers
(5) Decision Making and Problem Solving: the ability to make decisions and take inspired action from a place of deep clarity, integrity, and trust
(6) Presence and Gaining Influence: become a more self-assured and courageous leader
(7) Creativity, Innovation and Productivity: achieved success in your personal, financial, and professional life
(8) Communication +  Negotiation Skills: confidently & effectively communicate your needs, feelings + boundaries with others even when it is difficult
(9) Diversity + Inclusivity: building bridges & increasing mutual understanding, cultivating collaborative partnerships & working effectively with others
Testimonial 5
Testimonial 6
Moreover, you will enhance the 8 key dimensions of life and will experience a quantum leap in at least one of the dimensions listed below over the course of the mastermind. If you attend 100% of the calls, do the work and participate in all the retreats and still haven't experienced at least one quantum leap I will gladly give you back your money.
health + wellness
career + life purpose
intimacy and romance
fun and leisure time
financial prosperity
friends and family
beliefs + ego
Testimonial 7
Testimonial 8
Image of me (on left)
Message from Andrea (on right)\
I care about the rise of the divine feminine because I believe when a woman is nurtured and well supported she generously serves from her overflow. This single drop of care creates a monumental ripple effect which will not only enhance the quality of your gifts, but also will benefit your family and friends, your community, the next generation and our planet.
When one woman rises, we all rise.
I know you are a phenomenal woman
...and if there are any parts within you which second-guess that truth...we are here to lovingly remind you of your innate worth until you fully embody it deep within your heart, mind, body and soul. You are valuable and deserve to experience adventure, joy, peace, freedom and meaningful heartfelt connections on a regular basis (full stop).
After being a solopreneur for several years, I wanted to join a group of compassionate, smart and creative women who were purpose-driven and heart-centered. I also wanted a trustworthy mentor who recognized my innate value, was able to truly see me and facilitate my journey as I lived into the powerful vision of my life. That's why I created Unleash Your True Potential Mastermind + Leadership Retreats as a springboard to support you in your own unfoldment so you too can truly show up and expand your life and work in gorgeous ways.  
By saying yes to this journey, you are also saying yes to your success, satisfaction, worth and freedom. As your mentor and soul sister, I'll be with you every step of the way. Plus, you'll also receive the support and guidance of other brilliant women who truly care about you and your personal journey.
Will you join us?
Our Circle Alumni
Click their images to hear their stories...
Our journey includes two nourishing 4-day retreats, private and group coaching, mentorship from incredible teachers, resources, a high-vibe community of heart-centered purpose-driven women and valuable trainings to help you achieve success in your personal, financial, and professional life.
3 small Retreat Images across associated with the theme below
Visioning & Fostering Connections
Virtual Day Retreat 
February 2021 or June 2021
This beautiful event will kick off our mastermind program. You will be guided in a beautiful way as you set clear intentions and devise a plan for this year which equally honors your aspirations and your desire for nourishment. In this safe, respectful, understanding and empowering virtual retreat experience you will open up about the challenges you are currently facing, receive support and care from the community, identify your goals, and receive a game plan so you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to go. Honoring the 8 dimensions of your life is key to fulfillment and satisfaction. This is also the introduction to our team and our community of high-vibe women. This is a bonding time where we will celebrate our unique differences while also recognizing how similar we really are, in our strength and in our struggle. 
3 small Retreat Images associated with the theme and location below
Soul Care & The Great Emergence
CA Retreat March
Each day of the retreat is centered around self-care and your own unfoldment. You'll discover by slowing down, you are able to infuse each day with presence, intentionality and space for meaningful connections and wisdom to flow in naturally. 
At the retreat you'll also learn, practice and embody new habits and patterns which uplift your heart, liberate your mind, elevate your soul and activate your body. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll celebrate. You'll walk away from this retreat with more inner harmony and freedom, a deep sense of love and belonging, a renewed sense of clarity and purpose, mindset mastery and emotional resilience, and a motivation of momentum to propel you and your vision forward.
This intimate 4-day retreat will be held at a world-class spa resort along Southern California's coast, and combines workshops with mentors, women's power circles, relaxation, movement, breathwork, adventure and deep-dive individual support. Get ready for plenty of unanticipated amazement that will take your breath away and open up your heart and mind. Shared accommodations and healthy food are included (when you join during the early bird enrollment period).
3 small Retreat Images associated with the theme and location below
Joy, Freedom & A Return Wholeness
Mexico Retreat September
Come be immersed in a rejuvenating experience filled with adventure, vitality and joy. During the retreat you will explore your values and activate your intuition so you can make decisions and take inspired action from a place of integrity and alignment. You will also develop the 8+ authentic feminine superpowers which will support you in becoming a more self-assured courageous leader, but also allow you to achieve success in your personal, financial and professional life with more ease and grace. At the retreat you will also hone in on your communication and active listening skills so you can be fully self-expressed, confidently assert your boundaries and navigate challenging conversations and situations with more confidence.
This intimate 4-day retreat will be held at a world-class spa resort along the Mexican coast, and combines cultural excursions, workshops with mentors, women's power circles, relaxation, movement, breathwork, adventure and deep-dive individual support. Get ready for plenty of unanticipated amazement that will take your breath away and open up your heart and mind. Shared accommodations and healthy food are included (when you join during the early bird enrollment period).
Private one-on-one sessions with Andrea
For each month we don't have retreats (7 sessions) you will receive a private one-on-one coaching session with Andrea to support you in your personal well-being and professional aspirations.

Group Coaching

Monthly Community Calls
During each group call a main topic or theme pertaining to the particular needs of the women in our mastermind will be discussed.  These relevant conversations will be facilitated in a way that provides safety, respect, openness, receptivity, understanding, helpful resources and empowerment allowing each woman to speak candidly, actively listen and together benefit from the wisdom of the group and the facilitator's guidance. Such areas covered are: feminine leadership, health + wellness, anxiety and mood management, career + life purpose, spirituality, intimacy and romance, communication, fun and leisure time, financial prosperity, productivity, friends and family, beliefs + ego, and more.

Sister circle

Weekly Intimate Group Calls
This component is to create intimate relationships and sisterhood connections within the mastermind. This is an opportunity where each participant can share their wins, express their current challenges/breakthrough opportunities and receive support and needs met from the group during the call. These friendships could continue to be fostered for years to come even after the program ends.


During the course of the program, I will also provide relevant trainings, clinical hypnosis audio recordings, etc. tailored to the needs of each cohort of women. This will support you in becoming the best version of yourself, help you build master and rise and shine from the inside out.
Receive world-class mentorship from women who are the best in the field of personal and professional development and leadership.
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