The Mastermind Program serves a diverse group of women dedicated to personal and professional growth. Get ready for a transformational experience that nurtures your leadership abilities. By saying yes to this journey, you're saying yes to greater success, satisfaction, worth and freedom. Renowned therapist Andrea Cairella will be with you every step of the way.

You'll also receive the support and guidance of other brilliant women who truly care about you and your personal journey. In joining this safe, supportive and diverse community of women, you'll find a sacred space to go deep, heal, and cultivate a deep sense of love and belonging. You can break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors in order to be truly seen and heard as the leader you are.


Leaders who feel lonely at the top.
Solopreneurs, community leaders, corporate women, and mothers who need a supportive outlet.


Women in male dominated industries such as entertainment who put themselves out there. This community can help you achieve success in your personal, financial and professional life.


Therapists, coaches and wellness professionals who long for a supportive community to be heard and seen themselves.


Women navigating a life transition with a commitment to personal and professional growth. The Mastermind Group will support your healthy habits, boundaries, and communication skills.


Advocates for diversity and change who are committed to the well-being of our humanity and to our planet.


Manage Stress and Navigate Change:
Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns once and for all.


Master Your Mindset and Emotional Resiliency:
Develop mindfulness skills and emotional intelligence.


Enhance Your Health and Wellness:
Elevate yourself holistically with transformative habits and practices.


Sustain Your Passion and Motivation:
Experience more joy, inner peace, & a healthy, work-life balance.


Solve Problems and Make Wise Decisions:
Take inspired action from a place of clarity, integrity, and trust.


Master the Art of Feminine Leadership:
Activate your intuition and the 8+ authentic femme superpowers.


Exude Confidence and Influence Others:
Become a more self-assured and courageous leader.


Communicate and Negotiate Skillfully:
Address your needs, feelings and boundaries with others even when it is difficult.


Bridge Division:
Honor diversity and inclusiveness by increasing mutual understanding & cultivating collaboration.


Be Creative, Innovative and Productive:
Achieve success in your personal, financial, and professional life.

A Message from Andrea

Women are the backbone of humankind. I care about the rise of the divine feminine because I know when women are nurtured and well-supported, that well-being ripples outward to her family, community, and the world. Everyone benefits.

You are valuable and deserve to experience adventure, joy, peace, freedom and meaningful heartfelt connections more often than not.

Full. Stop.

After being a solo-preneur for several years, I yearned for a group of compassionate, smart and creative women to strive with. I needed peers who were purpose-driven and heart-centered. I also wanted a trustworthy mentor who recognized my innate value, and guided me towards my goals.

I deeply empathize with other women in that position, so I created the Mastermind Program as a springboard for your own unfoldment. I want you to can show up and expand your life in gorgeous ways.



Private one-on-one sessions with Andrea

For each month we don't have retreats (7 sessions) you will receive a private one-on-one coaching session with Andrea to support you in your personal well-being and professional aspirations.

Vision & Fostering Connections
Virtual Day Retreat

February 2021 or June 2021

We retreat together to kick off the Mastermind Program. In this safe, respectful and empowering virtual retreat experience you can open up about the challenges you are facing and receive support from the community. During the retreat you will identify your goals, and receive a game plan so you can close the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

Soul Care & The Great Emergence

California Retreat | March 2021

This intimate 4-day retreat is centered around self-care and your own unfoldment. You'll discover by slowing down, you are able to infuse each day with presence, intentionality and space.

You'll learn, practice and embody new habits and patterns which will deepen self-love and your sense of belonging. Practice emotional resiliency techniques for renewed motivation to propel your visions forward.

Joy, Freedom & Return to Wholeness

Italy Retreat | September 2021

During this transformational 4-day retreat explore your values andactivate your intuition. Make decisions and take inspired action from a place of integrity and alignment.

We will explore the 8+ authentic feminine superpowers for self-assured action and success. Hone in on your communication and active listening skills so you can confidently assert your boundaries and navigate challenging conversations and situations with more ease.

Group Coaching

Monthly Group Calls

During each group call a main topic outlined in the content of the mastermind will be discussed. These relevant conversations will be facilitated in a way that provides safety, respect, openness, receptivity, understanding, helpful resources and empowerment allowing each woman to speak candidly, actively listen and together benefit from the wisdom of the group and the facilitator's guidance.


Sister Circle

Weekly Intimate Group Calls

This component is to create intimate relationships and sisterhood connections within the mastermind. This is an opportunity where each participant can share their wins, express their current challenges/breakthrough opportunities and receive support and needs met from the group during the call. These friendships could continue to be fostered for years to come even after the program ends.

Tailored Trainings

Throughout the program

When you join the Mastermind Program you will also receive mentorship from 20 additional experts. Together we will guide you to unlock your true potential in the key dimensions of your life.

Relevant trainings, clinical hypnosis audio recordings, and readings tailored to the needs of each cohort of women. These study materials support you in becoming the best version of yourself.


"Andrea helped me understand the negative beliefs that contributed to negative patterns of behavior that were holding me back in my professional and personal life. She taught me real life skills and new beliefs I could apply to achieve the balance of career, family, health and happiness I want without feeling overwhelmed or burned out. I am very grateful for the wisdom Andrea has imparted upon me."

- Jenn L.

"Working with Andrea has made a profound impact on my life. I attended Andrea's Italian retreat where she led exercises and discussions to shift your mindset and increase your empowerment. These exercises helped me recognize the areas in my life that were blockages to more connectedness and resiliency. It was life changing. I highly recommend working with Andrea.
- Jenn J.

“Andrea has a heart of gold and to say she truly is heart-centered is an understatement. She invests in her clients in every way possible. How she shows up for each and every one and how she can empathize and be compassionate is incredible. She provides more than the investment I made in this mastermind. It blows my mind how much value is offered. Thank you Andrea for changing my life.”

- Dinuka


Susan Berz (Facilitation and Community)

Susan provides additional group and individual support to participants as well as ensuring the community receives all mastermind on boarding materials and communication details throughout the course of the program.

Elena Esposito (Retreat Organizer)

Elena curates the excursions, accommodations, meals, coordinates scheduling and leads tours during our transformative retreats.


The Unleash Your True Potential Mastermind will open enrollment for in April, August and November. Participants are carefully selected to assure that each group is diverse, compassionate & beneficial.

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Want to attend just one retreat?

If now is not the right time to join the Unleash Your True Potential Mastermind, check out our 4-day Life, Love and Leadership Retreats.



“Andrea's Mastermind Program was an uplifting and inspiring experience. A true sisterhood bond was established. The program created a safe place and an opportunity for personal growth. The trainings had amazing content. There were not only breakthroughs during the retreats, but I truly feel I am able to reach my true potential."


"The instant the first retreat our connections with one another deepened. The opening exercises Andrea introduced and the questions she asked created such a beautiful experience and gave me a chance to heal in so many ways. I became more authentic with myself and began to own the beautiful qualities I possess that I had been hiding from the world. This program was definitely a wonderful experience."


"This program allowed me to grow and to learn about myself. I feel empowered and will use the benefits of this experience as fuel to support me for months to even years after the mastermind."


"I was able to reclaim my feminine energy and overcome anxiety that was holding me back. This was one of the most freeing experience in my lifetime. The environment was warm, inviting and full of love. Andrea helped each of us grow and form a powerful sisterhood. It was life changing."


"This program really spoke to me and I identified it was a place I needed to be at this point in my life. As soon as I walked through the door I felt instantly comfortable. The women I met felt like life long friends over the course of just a couple of days. We shared things that we don't even share with those closest to us. We grew and we healed. I am leaving this program with the tools I needed and feel strong. I encourage you to do it; you won't be sorry."


"I was open to whatever was going to happen and trusted it was going to be exactly what I needed it to be. I have so much more peace. I feel back in alignment with myself which is amazing! Thanks Andrea."